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Grades K - 6
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Statement of Faith

2.01. To supplement and further explicate the Statement of Faith set out in the LCMC Constitution, a Statement of Faith to which the churches of Augustana expressly subscribe, the churches of the Augustana District also add:

2.02. Sinners are made right with God by grace alone through faith alone on account of Christ alone. This is the article of faith by which the church stands or falls.[1]

2.03. The Word of God is Jesus Christ[2], the proclamation of him[3], and the Holy Scriptures[4]. This Word functions as both law and gospel, which need to be distinguished, but not separated. The law orders society and convicts us of sin, showing us our need for a Savior[5]. The gospel is the power of God that liberates us from sin, death, and the power of the devil, and brings us, by grace, from death to life.[6]

2.04. Christ commanded that his Word be proclaimed[7]. Through it, the Holy Spirit works faith when and where he pleases[8] and repentant sinners are elected unto salvation. Christians live out their earthly lives as totally justified and totally sinful.[9]

2.05. Because the church is the assembly of believers among whom the Gospel is taught purely and the sacraments are administered rightly, it is not necessary that human traditions, rites, and ceremonies, instituted by men, should be alike everywhere.[10] God instituted one office of ministry through which the means of salvation are provided.[11] For the sake of good order, a pastor is authorized to function in this public office by virtue of a church’s call.[12] Churches band together in fellowship and mission to strengthen their ministries, acknowledging participation in the universal Church of our Lord.[13]

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